Built like a wrestler. Compact is the nice way of saying meaty squatty body. Hips, thighs and ass. Think sloth with less hair.

Hell bent on improving my running and becoming a perform not just finish triathlete. What you will find here are debriefs on my training sessions. Yes, it’s a little more than “ran 120 miles and feel awesome!”

Oh. And HTFU? What does it mean, you ask? “Used to tell a weak person or persons that they have become far too weak, and to prevent further embarrassment to the human race, they must Harden The Fuck Up”

Now I *know the balance of life does not hold in whether I ever consistently run under 10 minute miles or finish that 70.3 but my ego might. And HTFU really sums it all up, doesn’t it? It’s Go Big or Go Home. It’s Suck It Up, Buttercup. It’s Embrace The Suck. It just fits better on my hand on race day and in my tweets.


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