Sunday, June 24, 2012: 2.5 hr ride in steady (39.10 miles, 30 minute brick run in easy 2.27 miles)

Best ride mentally I have had in a long time! Was it hot? Yes. Was it windy? Yes. Was it humid? Yes. Yet none of those factors jacked me this ride. I hydrated and fueled up Saturday in preparation. Great sleep. Ready to take on the miles.

Coach has been teaching about how to ride the hills and staying strong v my old way of powering up the hills, wanting to pass out on the crest. Heart rate stayed in check and I felt good making that hill my bitch. Applied the same to wind. Amazing how legs didn’t feel burned.

Riding into headwind on return. Noticed a pickemup truck approaching carrying furniture. Thought “Bit windy for that not to be strapped down.” Wouldn’t you know about that same moment the ugly brown recliner came flying out of the back! Just made the ride a bit more exciting! Thank goodness for quick reflexes and guardian angels.

Crosswind was strong going out and back and I could see a slight lean. Felt muscles tightening on whatever side wind was pushing on. Think riding straight into the headwind is preferable to that!

Really wanted 40 miles but came up .90 short. That’s that Tri freak part of me. Yeah, it’s still there. Just a happier and more relaxed freak.

Felt mentally and physically strong on run. Just fought keeping heart rate down. Run was supposed to be in easy. Had to be the heat and humidity because I sure wasn’t running fast and hr did not want to go down. Instead of getting stressed about it, I just slowed down and took it in stride.

I remember my last 30 minute run off bike, thinking “how will I ever run two and half to three hours after this?” No feelings like that today. Today was about remembering what this is about. Reaching my goal of completing 70.3. Amazing how letting go of that pressure makes training so much more enjoyable!