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Sunday, April 29, 2012:

I just finished the biggest volume training week since coming back and damn, it feels good. It’s that I am so worn out but feel so accomplished.

Last Sunday I got to ride outside for the first time. The wind was just nuts but still managed 35 miles in 2:30. There were moments on that ride I wanted to quit. Like when our leader turned too soon and we had to turn around and ride back into the 30 mile headwind. At the turn, I so badly wanted to ride East to my truck. Really couldn’t explain I pussed out to my coach and I would have been disappointed in myself later. Stuck it out, got my brick run, and felt good for doing so.

My swim volume was 5.375 miles last week. That’s a lot of up and backs in a 25 yard pool. Wednesday’s swim almost didn’t happen due to a puke in the pool issue. Would have been easy to just go home but drove to another Y and knocked it out. Friday’s swim was big: 3400 yards. I was quite intimidated looking at this workout but once I got past the first 1600, the rest was almost cake. This swim had a lot of fist drills (http://www.miketrees.com/clenched-fist-swimming-drill.htm) which i happen to love but was ready for them to be over. You know it’s been a long swim when you say to yourself “only 800 yards to go…”

I didn’t get my bike/run in Thursday as I woke up with migraine sparklies in the morning and then had a fundraiser at Jill the Jew’s Temple that night so refueled and hit it on Friday night after that big swim. The intervals of easy, steady, hard were brutal. It was the toughest bike yet, evil and awesome at the same time.

BUT today’s bike was even more brutal. It was by far the hardest bike yet. It was only a two hour bike but 55 minutes of aero position of long sets of steady. It tested my willpower, my mental toughness. And there was not a place on me that wasn’t sweaty. I wondered if my legs would even be able to run. I only had thirty minutes to knock out and yeah, I did it.

What ran through my mind was “Fuck. How am I going to run another two hours…” Because that’s the deal. I have no illusions my run on race day will be less than 2.5 hours. It really made me nervous today. Can I really do this? I mean, yes, I know I can but at the capacity I want to complete it? I am nervous nervous nervous about it. I am starting to have race dreams and they are always about the run.

Going to take a lot of HTFU to get that run done. Better start stocking up now…