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Wednesday, April 18, 2012:

No, I haven’t fell to the wayside. Unlike the Rolling Stones, time has not been on my side to blather on about my sweaty time.

Saturday night we had E3 tornado come through town; it hooked a right at the last minute and missed my hood. There is nothing like hiding under the stairwell, hearing “if you are in (my hood) you are in the belly of the beast” and then have the power go out. In preparation for the storm, I moved my bike/trainer/shoes, two pair running shoes, swim bag, Garmin and chargers and week’s worth of training, Zippfizz, Vega protein powder and Honey Stingers just in case. Other than iPad, laptop and two pictures of my and Grandmother, training items seemed the most logical. Was up late as the all clear arrived at midnight but was revved up for the round two that was supposed to begin at 2 am so sleep was not the greatest.

Sunday was my first big Tri training day again with long bike, run and swim. Felt good to push again.

Been feeling weak as my fitness level isn’t where I thought it would be by now. Feel like I’ve lost a bit of my edge but it’s probably just mental, right? This one of those roller coaster “features” of endurance training.

Working through my training plan this week. Tonight’s bike/run was an ass kicker; lots of high cadence and you know how that isn’t my strength. I did enjoy it, though, as it pushes me outside my zone. Perfect running weather so found myself walking quite a bit as HR kept getting out of zone. I almost didn’t mind. Almost.