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Thursday, April 19, 2012: 2700 yard swim

This swim was called Ping Pong. I found it funny when Coach names these workouts funny little names. Last week I had a swim called Sandwich. Trust me. I’m the one who got eaten.

Almost didn’t get this in. Arrived at Y at 5:10 am. Lifeguard did not arrive until after 5:30. Let me just say some people were not very happy. Me? Gave me time to catch up on Twitter. The “That’s my lane” lady had to leave. I was not disappointed. I had two bigger boys swimming next to me so I was able to get some good “wave” training in. The ability to breathe right would have come in handy!

Good swim. The last 400 easy and then 100 moderately hard were tough but overall felt good. Been awhile…