Friday, April 13, 2012: Build to Steady 1:10 minute trainer ride/20 minute brick easy run 1.71 miles 12:00 min pace

So waking up in your clothes without any alcohol involved…yeah, that’s weird. No chance of getting bike in before work so I could knock swim out after so bike/run after work it was.

I could tell I was tired. I have to get my sleep and nutrition back in check. Once you get your body adjusted to a path, the little off road trips really jack it up. I also need to work on getting my cadence up. It’s just sucking. Worked through the session and then headed out to run.

This was the hardest part for me and NOT because I was tired. Perfect running weather. I just wanted to run run. Found myself struggling to stay in HR zone. Even had to walk to slow down HR because I would find myself running too fast. There will be time for that. Just have to be patient. Which I am so not good at!

Thursday, April 12, 2012: was SUPPOSED to be 2900 yd Swim Sandwich but…

Two nights in a row of off nutrition and sleep does not a happy triathlete make. I am like a 40 year old Terrible Two Toddler. Not pretty. Slept til 6:30 so planned swim after work.

Called Y to see about pool classes. Was told best to come after 6:15. Was feeling exhausted so at 5:45 told Kid I was going to power nap, wake me up at 6:10. I woke up Friday morning at 6:45… There was no reason I should have been that wiped out. I have run on far less than this and been able to knock out training sessions.

In reflection, I think I must have gotten some gluten in my food at the work training I had to attend. I have become so sensitive it is almost ridiculous. Swim moved to Saturday…

Wednesday, April 11, 2012: Up and Down 1 hr trainer ride/20 minute brick easy run 1.69 miles 11:51 pace

Who knew being a track mom could be so hard! Was at the track from 4 to 9:50 pm; that’s what happens when your kid runs the 1600, 800 and anchor on the 4×400. Then there’s the whole “we have to eat” thing so by the time I got to bed it was after 11. There is a reason why I have a bedtime of 9:30! So no morning ride…

Picked Kid up from track, took him to soccer, begged Middle Child to go pick him up so I could get my ride/run in at a decent time. Ride was good but my tired showed in this ride. Headed out to run when Kid pulls up. “Mom, it’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow so I need running tights.” “You have running tights.” “They have to be black.” I love my kids but my dogs never make these requests, especially at the last minute! Got my run in…then “ran” to Dick’s. And then “ran” home so I could eat and go to bed. Yes, this is my life…juggling and balancing!