Monday, April 9, 2012: 1:00 trainer ride, 20 minute easy run 1.71 miles 11:40 pace

Yes, I slept in this morning v doing this workout. Jill the Jew hosted a Seder dinner for us Gentiles last evening. Three hours. Lots of food. Four plus glasses of wine. I should have given more to Elijah! Considering I haven’t been drinking, that wine knocked me on my ass. Sleep was deep and fitful at the same time…alcohol does that. Maybe I need to ease back in but I was trying to be a good “Jew.”

Little trainer ride post work day. Felt good. I liked the variation except for the freakin high cadence drills. It takes a lot to make this meatier than thou body go fast! Maintained 109 to 116 for the high cadence. Overall rpm was 71. I need to get that up.

Run was good. It was nice and cool out. Fairly quiet in the neighborhood. Found myself running faster than I should…hard to slow down but I was a good girl. Think I’m going to sleep well tonight…