Tuesday, April 10, 2012: 2400 yd swim

I arrived at the pool to find all the lanes full. Lane one had a couple sharing. Guy was actually swimming and girlfriend was hanging out in her string bikini. I’m guessing if you are wearing a string bikini to the Y, you aren’t a serious swimmer. Lane two had the mean woman who will never share a lane. She takes the whole lane and never makes eye contact. I jumped in with her once. She got very huffy and left. Wasn’t up for her attitude this morning so I went to Lane three. This guy ignored me twice. I decided he could move his happy ass over because the 80 year old in Lane four was aqua jogging his heart out and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Guy in Lane three left after sharing one 100 with me. I couldn’t have smelled except of chlorine so maybe he is like Lane two woman. They should get together…

This time my descends were better. I paced instead of busting it out. 1600 yds of descends is a bit of a lung kicker. Guess that means I did them right!

I am happy to be back at training. That sounds crazy to people who don’t think 11 plus hours of training per week can be fun. Yes, it’s hard but it’s supposed to be. It is also rewarding, stress relieving, brings a sense of accomplishment, one I have not found in another arena except seeing my kids succeeding. And that really has more to do with them than me.