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Saturday, April 7, 2012:

No, I’m not dead. I have been battling bronchitis and been off the training wagon. As an athlete, hobby or not, training becomes part of the need to, just have to. It’s for the mental as much as the physical. Trust me, I have not been easy to be around.

One of the other things about training is you become used to pushing through. Sometimes that can be to one’s detriment. I tried to push through v resting and ended up with a setback. Learned my lesson.

Where I am now? Letting go of “what might have been” had I not had to be off for this time and looking at what I can accomplish in the next 14 weeks. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge at times but it is what is it is. So here we go…

2:15 Trainer Ride: Today I rode for the first time in 5 weeks. Workout was good. Didn’t leave me wasted but wasn’t too easy. Gears weren’t shifting properly but with a little fanagling I got them to work enough to get the session completed. (took it in. just needed gears adjusted. mechanic said trainer can jack them up)

15 minute brick run: 1.32 miles, 11:44 pace: Ran in the light rain. Felt so good. Soul refreshing.

2400 yard swim 48 minutes: So good to be in the pool. Such a contrast to how I felt last Spring when I started the monkey Tri business! Excitement translated to me going out too fast when I started so my pickups were faster at the beginning than the end. Felt good through the entire swim. Never had that “oh my God, when will this be over…” thought. I am sure I will think that when I see the 3200 yards.

Thursday, April 5, 2012: 6 mile tempo run 1:03

This was a fast run for me. Second fastest 10k I’ve run. First one was in Sept, 2011 at 1:00 flat. Couldn’t have held this any longer. Pukezone was right there!

Lap 1: 11:41 Lap 2: 11:19 Lap 3: 10:29 Lap 4 10:14 Lap 5 10:13 Lap 6 10:18