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Thursday, January 26th: boxing/core 1 hour (well, almost)

After not finding whisky anywhere listed in nutrition plan, boxing has become my go-to for stress relief. In addition to being an empowering workout, it feels good to punch the hell out of the bags and Brad, my instructor. Coach said whenever it falls on a rest day, I can go…and I had already signed up before I swam so…

With life reminding me all week it is a roller coaster not a merry go round, I really needed this class. I must have swam properly because my right shoulder started getting cranky. Wanted to push through but becoming Sugar Ray Skibba is not my goal right now; it’s 70.3 so I quit, worked abs for the last 30 minutes. Because who doesn’t need more core work!

Thursday, January 26th: 2000 yd swim

This is normally my rest day and I was really looking forward to it. One of the girls asked if I would be her swim accountability partner for a 5 am swim; how do I say no? I also wanted to take Coach’s suggestions to the pool after her evaluation of my swim so sucked it up and went.

While I am no longer Holland and providing wind power for a small country, my catch is delayed so plenty of surf board drills in my future. I also still struggle with getting my hips and ass up. Coach doesn’t buy it’s because I was born with birthing hips and have a juicy booty. This basically means I am swimming “uphill.”

In addition to Gillyweed, I am now looking at ass flotation implants.

Wednesday, January 25th: 1:15 trainer ride

I used to love John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom. Even had (had being the operative word) in my blues playlist. Coach used one of her old cds from when she taught spin for our BYOT (bring your own trainer) party and this song is on it, several times.

Boom Boom plays, stand and make pretty circles, the entire length of the song. This song is at least 3 minutes. And sometimes Boom Boom is played back to back…hello, quads! I am pretty sure she found some remixed extra length version because it went on forever…

Then, she mixed it up. Boom Boom, up for 10 seconds, down for 10 seconds. I don’t know who kept calling in and requesting the song but she should be shot.

Coach also mixed in some new moves. With feet at 9 and 3 (picture a clock), hold an isometric squat. Spin. Hold a squat. AND then spin with no hands. No hands! Am I a freakin unicyclist now? “Engage your core…” Yeah, well, my core was chewed up and spit out this morning by the TRX.

Wednesday, January 25th: leg/core strength 1 hour

So freakin tired this morning. I asked Trainer if instead of legs she would stretch me, wrap me in a blanket on a weight bench, give me cocoa and read me stories. “I know you’ll be sorry later if we don’t…”

What really hurt today was one legged weighted hamstring pump. Trying to balance, keep knee in correct position, extend leg AND lift? Mother of God…

3 rounds each:
Squats: sissie, wide leg, plie on Bosu
Z jumps
TRX jump squats
Bosu flyovers
Some other mean Bosu squat round
Leg extensions, two legged then one legged
TRX hamstring roll ins
Leg sled (this was like candy…)
Power runner
Rounded out with nice set of TRX Rip Cord crunches, sit ups, rear delt sit ups, one legged V sits


Tuesday, January 24th: 1800 yd swim

Blessing and curse my friend Kimmie has an underwater camera. She offered to video my swim so Coach can evaluate. A handheld and one on the bottom of the pool brought plenty of opportunity shots.

Between the shots of me swimming, the bleu hairs doing water aerobics and the couple making out in the next lane, it was really a horror video. Never want to see that again.

Tuesday, January 24th: 1 hour trainer ride

Not going to lie. I was really tempted to skip this class. Sucked it up, downed some HTFU and Zipp Fizz and went.

So glad I did. TOUGH but good. Mostly mid to fully loaded standing/sitting intervals amid the high cadence spinning with some one legged thrown in on some gearage.

Legs were spent after. Could not get right leg out. Reminded me of when Kimmie and I had done a 30 plus mile ride last summer. When we pulled up to my truck, my right leg wouldn’t move. No quad power left. I just fell over. And we laughed our asses off…