Friday, January 27th: rest day

Yesterday, Gerry Michaels wrote a blog about how I inspire him. Gerry is not a runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc… As far as I know, his only”sport” is social media and he is a fierce competitor. Though he could be a closet bowler. He seems to have an affinity for Big Lebowski. Why he reads my training blog or how he finds it inspiring is a mystery to me.

I do not see myself as he sees me. “Hard core athlete” Hardly. I am a 40 y o fat bottomed girl who Tris. New to Tri. Only did my first one July 2011. I don’t win. I am not fast. I am not on the podium in my age group. Nor will I ever be. Except maybe at Kona. When I’m 80 and all my competition is eating Jello in a nursing home.

I am simply someone who decided to Tri. Found I liked it, wanted the next “high.” 70.3 is that for me. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. It’s hard. It’s “I don’t want to” some days. It’s part of what makes it so sweet, so “I want this.” That doing things I never thought I could do.

When I started off season training late September, I couldn’t do a real pushup and girl pushups were a struggle. I couldn’t do a sit up. Pretty pathetic. I set those as my two goals. Well, and to not die. It sounds trifle but now that I can knock out 100 plus boy pushups during a training session? It feels pretty fucking awesome, empowering. And proof that is within. Just have to dig deep at times to find it.

I am thoroughly humbled by Gerry’s words, how he views me. It caught me off guard, made me teary (which doesn’t happen often). I don’t see myself different than anyone else pursuing a goal he wants, not just to finish but to perform. It’s that Go Big or Go Home, but remember to enjoy it along the way.

Thank you for your words, Gerry. We never know who is watching, who we are inspiring or causing the  “Man, I don’t want to be like her!” thought. And yes, Gerry, I am going to race for the amber…whisky treats will be well deserved, I think!

You can read his overly generous words and some great writing on social media and such at http://gettysburggerry.wordpress.com/