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january 22, 2012: 30 minute brick run 2.48 miles

asked coach if i could do my brick run after this ride instead of after the 1:15 and she told me to go for it if i felt like it. my thinking was why not push it out after the longest training ride if my legs will handle it. the other girls thought i was nuts!

never takes me long to get heart rate in the right place for the run. this 30 minutes went so quickly. i was really surprised how clear my mind was. even though my pace didn’t rock (which coach reminded me not to focus on), i felt mentally and physically strong. and that means a lot to me. means i am improving mentally because the thought of doing this a week ago? non existent.

confessed to coach i only straight swam the 1800 instead of doing drills because i was still feeling drained. she didn’t scold me. talked about my pukezone run. she gave me an atta girl for being able to hold run at 9:40 pace for such a long time. that’s improvement for me. and that’s what matters.

keep pushing forward…every bit means more in the bank for race day.

january 22, 2012: 2:15 trainer ride

this ride was so much better than last week’s ride. still takes me about 15 minutes to get my heart rate to zone 3. maybe i’m just challenged. oh, not maybe.

focused on relaxing jaw, shoulders and letting the mind be free. coach had some pretty serious drills today mixed in with the high cadence spinning. 8 minutes of fully loaded standing/sitting intervals. found myself automatically sliding back on my seat which means i am learning. also did the standing/sitting starting at 55/5 second ratio ladder. mix that in with some hard core one legged drills and you could call this a major sweatfest. my shirt was completely drenched.

monitored my electrolytes better than i have before. drank three full bottles of water on this ride in addition to having a pack of honey stinger chews. this seemed to help me not feel that “oh my god when is this going to be over” feeling. which is a good thing!

i really don’t understand how people can read email, blogs and such while doing these trainer rides. there is no “down time” in these rides where that would happen. i am happy to be able to open my little salt stik container!