Flying furniture is agilty training

Sunday, June 24, 2012: 2.5 hr ride in steady (39.10 miles, 30 minute brick run in easy 2.27 miles)

Best ride mentally I have had in a long time! Was it hot? Yes. Was it windy? Yes. Was it humid? Yes. Yet none of those factors jacked me this ride. I hydrated and fueled up Saturday in preparation. Great sleep. Ready to take on the miles.

Coach has been teaching about how to ride the hills and staying strong v my old way of powering up the hills, wanting to pass out on the crest. Heart rate stayed in check and I felt good making that hill my bitch. Applied the same to wind. Amazing how legs didn’t feel burned.

Riding into headwind on return. Noticed a pickemup truck approaching carrying furniture. Thought “Bit windy for that not to be strapped down.” Wouldn’t you know about that same moment the ugly brown recliner came flying out of the back! Just made the ride a bit more exciting! Thank goodness for quick reflexes and guardian angels.

Crosswind was strong going out and back and I could see a slight lean. Felt muscles tightening on whatever side wind was pushing on. Think riding straight into the headwind is preferable to that!

Really wanted 40 miles but came up .90 short. That’s that Tri freak part of me. Yeah, it’s still there. Just a happier and more relaxed freak.

Felt mentally and physically strong on run. Just fought keeping heart rate down. Run was supposed to be in easy. Had to be the heat and humidity because I sure wasn’t running fast and hr did not want to go down. Instead of getting stressed about it, I just slowed down and took it in stride.

I remember my last 30 minute run off bike, thinking “how will I ever run two and half to three hours after this?” No feelings like that today. Today was about remembering what this is about. Reaching my goal of completing 70.3. Amazing how letting go of that pressure makes training so much more enjoyable!


Rediscovering the joy…


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Sunday, June 24, 2012:

Wow. Been almost two months since I was here. Doesn’t seem that long…

Here’s the deal. Been suffering a bit from taking this way too seriously, half iron burn out. Had a little meltdown. Combine that with work travel and full-on track mom duties, it’s an ugly scene. For a Type A, it’s hard to admit one can’t do it all. And do it well.

But I wasn’t. Yes, I was getting through my training but more and more the joy was dissipating. I couldn’t slack it off; I had a major race coming up. I just wasn’t loving it. Not even liking it.

Had my little training meltdown. Thank goodness I have a great coach. He told me I was taking it way too seriously. Reminded this is my hobby. I am a mother, an employee. Tri is supposed to be fun. He told me to take time off, reset my head. I took a week. It was just what I needed.

For the first time in 18 months, I enjoyed running again. I no longer felt the pressure of running a fast pace, the pressure of the clock. I was happy to just be running… I had completed 5 halves, multiple 5ks and 3 Tris last year. This year have been training since January 1 for this half iron. That’s a lot of running to do without joy.

Ten days strong without one day of not wanting to. I’m back. I’m truly back…

It’s been awhile since I felt this good, beat up, invigorated, exhausted…


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Sunday, April 29, 2012:

I just finished the biggest volume training week since coming back and damn, it feels good. It’s that I am so worn out but feel so accomplished.

Last Sunday I got to ride outside for the first time. The wind was just nuts but still managed 35 miles in 2:30. There were moments on that ride I wanted to quit. Like when our leader turned too soon and we had to turn around and ride back into the 30 mile headwind. At the turn, I so badly wanted to ride East to my truck. Really couldn’t explain I pussed out to my coach and I would have been disappointed in myself later. Stuck it out, got my brick run, and felt good for doing so.

My swim volume was 5.375 miles last week. That’s a lot of up and backs in a 25 yard pool. Wednesday’s swim almost didn’t happen due to a puke in the pool issue. Would have been easy to just go home but drove to another Y and knocked it out. Friday’s swim was big: 3400 yards. I was quite intimidated looking at this workout but once I got past the first 1600, the rest was almost cake. This swim had a lot of fist drills ( which i happen to love but was ready for them to be over. You know it’s been a long swim when you say to yourself “only 800 yards to go…”

I didn’t get my bike/run in Thursday as I woke up with migraine sparklies in the morning and then had a fundraiser at Jill the Jew’s Temple that night so refueled and hit it on Friday night after that big swim. The intervals of easy, steady, hard were brutal. It was the toughest bike yet, evil and awesome at the same time.

BUT today’s bike was even more brutal. It was by far the hardest bike yet. It was only a two hour bike but 55 minutes of aero position of long sets of steady. It tested my willpower, my mental toughness. And there was not a place on me that wasn’t sweaty. I wondered if my legs would even be able to run. I only had thirty minutes to knock out and yeah, I did it.

What ran through my mind was “Fuck. How am I going to run another two hours…” Because that’s the deal. I have no illusions my run on race day will be less than 2.5 hours. It really made me nervous today. Can I really do this? I mean, yes, I know I can but at the capacity I want to complete it? I am nervous nervous nervous about it. I am starting to have race dreams and they are always about the run.

Going to take a lot of HTFU to get that run done. Better start stocking up now…

Because calling it ping pong makes it more palatable


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Thursday, April 19, 2012: 2700 yard swim

This swim was called Ping Pong. I found it funny when Coach names these workouts funny little names. Last week I had a swim called Sandwich. Trust me. I’m the one who got eaten.

Almost didn’t get this in. Arrived at Y at 5:10 am. Lifeguard did not arrive until after 5:30. Let me just say some people were not very happy. Me? Gave me time to catch up on Twitter. The “That’s my lane” lady had to leave. I was not disappointed. I had two bigger boys swimming next to me so I was able to get some good “wave” training in. The ability to breathe right would have come in handy!

Good swim. The last 400 easy and then 100 moderately hard were tough but overall felt good. Been awhile…

Yes, I am not dead


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012:

No, I haven’t fell to the wayside. Unlike the Rolling Stones, time has not been on my side to blather on about my sweaty time.

Saturday night we had E3 tornado come through town; it hooked a right at the last minute and missed my hood. There is nothing like hiding under the stairwell, hearing “if you are in (my hood) you are in the belly of the beast” and then have the power go out. In preparation for the storm, I moved my bike/trainer/shoes, two pair running shoes, swim bag, Garmin and chargers and week’s worth of training, Zippfizz, Vega protein powder and Honey Stingers just in case. Other than iPad, laptop and two pictures of my and Grandmother, training items seemed the most logical. Was up late as the all clear arrived at midnight but was revved up for the round two that was supposed to begin at 2 am so sleep was not the greatest.

Sunday was my first big Tri training day again with long bike, run and swim. Felt good to push again.

Been feeling weak as my fitness level isn’t where I thought it would be by now. Feel like I’ve lost a bit of my edge but it’s probably just mental, right? This one of those roller coaster “features” of endurance training.

Working through my training plan this week. Tonight’s bike/run was an ass kicker; lots of high cadence and you know how that isn’t my strength. I did enjoy it, though, as it pushes me outside my zone. Perfect running weather so found myself walking quite a bit as HR kept getting out of zone. I almost didn’t mind. Almost.

Little pick me up

Saturday, April 14, 2012: 1 hour pickup run

It is hard to train by heart rate when Garmin keeps jacking up. I tried to run by feel but when I was way out of zone. I was so frustrated I had tears. Yes, sometimes I am a stupid girl.I did feel strong on this run…

43:03.05 3.63 miles 147 bpm 11:52 pace
lap one 12:08 pace 134 bpm
lap two 12:06 pace 145 bpm
lap three 11:34 pace 156 bpm
lap four 11:32 pace 161 bpm (.63 miles)

16:53.20 1.57 miles 173 bpm 10:46 pace
lap one 10:53 pace 170 bpm
lap two 10:32 pace 179 bpm

Being a track mom is hard, little 13 hour sleep, ride/run is my hot friday night

Friday, April 13, 2012: Build to Steady 1:10 minute trainer ride/20 minute brick easy run 1.71 miles 12:00 min pace

So waking up in your clothes without any alcohol involved…yeah, that’s weird. No chance of getting bike in before work so I could knock swim out after so bike/run after work it was.

I could tell I was tired. I have to get my sleep and nutrition back in check. Once you get your body adjusted to a path, the little off road trips really jack it up. I also need to work on getting my cadence up. It’s just sucking. Worked through the session and then headed out to run.

This was the hardest part for me and NOT because I was tired. Perfect running weather. I just wanted to run run. Found myself struggling to stay in HR zone. Even had to walk to slow down HR because I would find myself running too fast. There will be time for that. Just have to be patient. Which I am so not good at!

Thursday, April 12, 2012: was SUPPOSED to be 2900 yd Swim Sandwich but…

Two nights in a row of off nutrition and sleep does not a happy triathlete make. I am like a 40 year old Terrible Two Toddler. Not pretty. Slept til 6:30 so planned swim after work.

Called Y to see about pool classes. Was told best to come after 6:15. Was feeling exhausted so at 5:45 told Kid I was going to power nap, wake me up at 6:10. I woke up Friday morning at 6:45… There was no reason I should have been that wiped out. I have run on far less than this and been able to knock out training sessions.

In reflection, I think I must have gotten some gluten in my food at the work training I had to attend. I have become so sensitive it is almost ridiculous. Swim moved to Saturday…

Wednesday, April 11, 2012: Up and Down 1 hr trainer ride/20 minute brick easy run 1.69 miles 11:51 pace

Who knew being a track mom could be so hard! Was at the track from 4 to 9:50 pm; that’s what happens when your kid runs the 1600, 800 and anchor on the 4×400. Then there’s the whole “we have to eat” thing so by the time I got to bed it was after 11. There is a reason why I have a bedtime of 9:30! So no morning ride…

Picked Kid up from track, took him to soccer, begged Middle Child to go pick him up so I could get my ride/run in at a decent time. Ride was good but my tired showed in this ride. Headed out to run when Kid pulls up. “Mom, it’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow so I need running tights.” “You have running tights.” “They have to be black.” I love my kids but my dogs never make these requests, especially at the last minute! Got my run in…then “ran” to Dick’s. And then “ran” home so I could eat and go to bed. Yes, this is my life…juggling and balancing!

5:20 at the pool, it’s never boring

Tuesday, April 10, 2012: 2400 yd swim

I arrived at the pool to find all the lanes full. Lane one had a couple sharing. Guy was actually swimming and girlfriend was hanging out in her string bikini. I’m guessing if you are wearing a string bikini to the Y, you aren’t a serious swimmer. Lane two had the mean woman who will never share a lane. She takes the whole lane and never makes eye contact. I jumped in with her once. She got very huffy and left. Wasn’t up for her attitude this morning so I went to Lane three. This guy ignored me twice. I decided he could move his happy ass over because the 80 year old in Lane four was aqua jogging his heart out and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Guy in Lane three left after sharing one 100 with me. I couldn’t have smelled except of chlorine so maybe he is like Lane two woman. They should get together…

This time my descends were better. I paced instead of busting it out. 1600 yds of descends is a bit of a lung kicker. Guess that means I did them right!

I am happy to be back at training. That sounds crazy to people who don’t think 11 plus hours of training per week can be fun. Yes, it’s hard but it’s supposed to be. It is also rewarding, stress relieving, brings a sense of accomplishment, one I have not found in another arena except seeing my kids succeeding. And that really has more to do with them than me.

Little brick

Monday, April 9, 2012: 1:00 trainer ride, 20 minute easy run 1.71 miles 11:40 pace

Yes, I slept in this morning v doing this workout. Jill the Jew hosted a Seder dinner for us Gentiles last evening. Three hours. Lots of food. Four plus glasses of wine. I should have given more to Elijah! Considering I haven’t been drinking, that wine knocked me on my ass. Sleep was deep and fitful at the same time…alcohol does that. Maybe I need to ease back in but I was trying to be a good “Jew.”

Little trainer ride post work day. Felt good. I liked the variation except for the freakin high cadence drills. It takes a lot to make this meatier than thou body go fast! Maintained 109 to 116 for the high cadence. Overall rpm was 71. I need to get that up.

Run was good. It was nice and cool out. Fairly quiet in the neighborhood. Found myself running faster than I should…hard to slow down but I was a good girl. Think I’m going to sleep well tonight…

I am running…

Sunday, April 8, 2012: 30 minute easy run 2.65 miles 11:20 pace

Was so tired this morning! Why doesn’t my body recognise Sunday is my sleep till 6 am day! I used to think getting dressed for anything less than 3 miles was pointless. Can’t say that today. Chose a different route than my normal. Ran down inclined street in bike path then up the next street for a short flat portion then down again. Misjudged time by a bit so yes, I was that fool running up and down my street for a 2.5 minutes. Can’t cut it short!